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About us

The cafe "Aquatoria" is located at the Palace of Water Sports, on 2A Surganova street, near the metro station "Akademiya Nauk". Here it is convenient to have a snack after the gym, swimming pool, fitness or other activities. As well as the cafe organizes banquets of different sizes: there are three halls with a capacity of 25 to 100 people.

The Possibilities of "Aquatoria"

The café. "Aquatoria" is waiting for guests for a cup of coffee, a full lunch or dinner. The cuisine is universal: there are dishes of European and national cuisine.

Banquets. We are ready to organize your holiday: wedding, corporate party, anniversary or other event. A specially designed banquet menu will delight you with a variety of dishes. The minimum order is 40-50 rubles per guest. Guest are allowed to bring their own alcohol and fruit, other products – by agreement.

Halls. "Aquatoria" has three halls: for 100, for 60 guests and VIP-hall for 25 people. In the small hall, there is a TV and the ability to connect different media. The middle hall is decorated in bright colors and suitable for a variety of celebrations, from weddings to children's matinee. There are two TV screens in the hall. In addition, there is also a spacious hall and a courtyard. The large hall is decorated in beige and blue tones. It is very spacious, there is a lot of natural light from the large windows during the day. The hall is equipped with three TV screens and a music center.

Last but not least, the halls are located in different buildings on the territory of the organization. So if there are several celebrations at the same time, no one inconveniences anyone.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies. We are ready to offer decorated with flowers and tent location for outdoor wedding ceremony for free. The area resembles a park, so guests will feel comfortable. Also, here, you can launch fireworks until 11 p.m.

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Belarusian, European
Lunch menu, Pizza, Salad, Children's menu, Seafood, Dessert, Ice Cream, Steaks, Pasta, Soup, Draniki, Sausages, Hot snack
Free Wi-fi, Parking, Pay by credit card

Address cafe «Aquatoria»

Minsk, Surganova st., 2A
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